Hello Lovelies

Well, hello everyone! How’s your day? I hope its going great! Let me begin to tell you a little bit about myself. Well, for starters, my names Katrina but I like to be called Trina. I moved here from a small town in Connecticut because my husband is stationed here with the Air force. It’s been an adventure so far, and this is my second winter here. I am a theatre nerd, and am currently a Junior theatre Performance student a the University of Alaska Fairbanks. I’ve been in a couple of their MainStage productions like Nickel and Dimed, Tartuffe, An Inspector Calls, and I am currently beginning to work on this years spring production of Ashgirl ( Which I am super excited about) ! I live in North Pole, and have two cute little puppies and a small apartment thats home away from home. I’m a netflixaholic and the occasional bookworm. I live off of caffeine and hard work, I’m extremely excited to begin this journey with you all over the next few weeks, and am ready to dive on in!
Art has been apart of my life since I was a baby. I grew up singing and dancing, finally landing my way in many a voice lesson, dance lessons, guitar lessons, and musical and theatre production. I did children’s theatre growing up, and later attended a performing arts high school in Hartford, CT where, for my first three years, I studied Musical Theatre and then finally found my true passion of straight theatre my senior year.
Theatre, and all art in general, is so much apart of my life that I really can’t remember a time I wasn’t involved in it in some way. I love going to art museums, music concerts, theatre productions. I’ve seen both Wicked and Peter and the Star catchers on broadway and too many to count of other professional theatre productions. I’ve gone from playing in children’s roles when I was a child to taking on many intricate, and personal theatre roles as an adult, to simply learning about art history and other informative artistic classes. I live and breathe for the art world, and couldn’t live a day without it present in my life. As the great William Shakespeare once said, “All the world’s a stage.”

~ Trina


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